The high frequency carbon steel pipe mill line is designed to form pipes and tubes into a continuous line with steel strip, which is cut by cutting line to suit the diameter of pipe or tube. By using high frequency induction heating, this line is able to produce section material of various diameters and sizes by tightening the welding seam in closed form.

The application of advanced opening technology, PLC automatic control system and digital speed regulating unit ensure the production line operates reliably and runs and maintains easily.

High frequency carbon steel tube mill applications

  • Furniture / ornamental for high quality tube with aesthetic surface
  • Automotive to meet the high demand standard of automotive industry
  • Mechanical tube for precision tube and for high strength material
  • High structural productivity and good mechanical properties
  • Conduit electrical cables conduits
  • Water / gas to meet the standards for
  • Heat exchanger for pressure piping, boiler and heat exchanger
  • API for oil and natural gas
  • Steel profiles

One of the main advantages over buying a tube mill or used machinery in general is that they have usually been previously refurbished and overhauled by a team of steel specialists, which assures us that they will work properly and that their worn parts have been replaced by a new version of themselves. 

Olimpia 80 steel pipe mills are well known in the world for their quality, because this Italian brand has been dedicated to research and introduce innovations and competitive patents that make the old equipment of low performance. They stand out for lasting many years with minimal maintenance, however, its users have detected some typical problems, which are worth knowing and know how to solve if they arise.

At PIECSA, we have a team of experts in the metallurgical industry who help every day to improve machinery performance, provide necessary maintenance, and correct production errors to ensure high-quality steel pipe manufacturing. In addition, having the right consumables is also an important part of the production process for steel pipes, regardless of their diameter, size, length, or thickness. At PIECSA, we have everything your steel pipe production industry needs to manufacture this amazing and very useful tool around the world. 

Also, we are official representatives of different brands of consumables around the world, which provide us with materials and machinery of the latest technology and allow us to advance and bring better products to Mexico to help other industries that produce steel pipes in our country.

Contact us to talk to one of our specialists in new and semi-new machinery and consumables, we are ready to assist you and help you to make your steel pipe productions more efficient and stronger.