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This privacy notice is issued in compliance with the provisions of article 15 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties published on July 5, 2010, in the Official Gazette of the Federation, and is made available to users who provide data or personal information Piecsa USA LLC.

As those responsible for the processing of personal data, we observe the principles established by law, of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility.

Responsible for the protection of your Personal Data

Piecsa USA, with address at Av. del Parque 209 Regio Parque Industrial Apodaca, N.L., Mexico 66633; is responsible for the processing of the personal data provided to it.

Purposes of the Personal Data Collected

The personal data provided such as Names and surnames, Gender (male or female), date of birth, country, telephone numbers, email, physical address, passport data, visa data, and other identifications will be used to:

Provide the requested and/or contracted services.
Respond to your information, attention, and service requirements.
Evaluate the quality of the service we provide you.
File of records and file of the contractual relationship to monitor future services.
Financial management, billing, and collection.
Comply with the obligations and commitments that we have contracted with you.

Financial data such as credit card number and expiration date of the same are not considered data that require your express consent to be used in accordance with articles 8, 10 and 37 of the Law.

Means of Obtaining Personal Data

The personal data that we collect from you, for the purposes described in this privacy notice, are collected personally, when you provide them directly to us at our offices, through our website, in a way that telephone, through retail agencies, and/or through other sources that are permitted by Law.

Limitations on the use of data

You can cancel your subscription to receive promotions, offers, and services by telephone, by email, and by postal mail by making arrive a letter written in English where you indicate your request and the necessary data such as Full name (name or names and surname or surname) simple copy of your official identification or in electronic media digitized version of it (scan), telephone and physical or electronic address for the purposes of notifications related to the case at the following address: Av. del Parque 209 Regio Parque Industrial Apodaca, N.L., Mexico 66633 mail:

ARCO rights

You or your duly accredited legal representative may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data; Likewise, as of January 6, 2012, you will be able to exercise, when appropriate, the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition that the Law provides by means of a request presented at the above address; It is important to mention that the exercise of any of these rights is not a prerequisite nor does it prevent the exercise of another right.

Mechanisms for the exercise of ARCO Rights

The afore mentioned Rights are exercised through the presentation of the respective request that must be submitted in writing and in English language free of charge at Av. del Parque 209 Regio Parque Industrial Apodaca, N.L., Mexico, 66633; with attention to:, previous payment of the corresponding postage, to the afore mentioned address. The term to attend your request will be in a maximum of twenty days from the date of receipt of your request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition. We make it clear to you that it is the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data that is entrusted with ensuring your ARCO rights and that is in charge of regulating and verifying the observance of the Law. Right to revoke your consent for data processing. At any time you can revoke the consent that you have given us for the processing of your personal data with the purpose that you stop making use of them, for this it is necessary that you present your request as described in this same notice in the part of “Form and means of Contact”. Your request must indicate your Full Name (name or names and surname or surname) a simple copy of your official identification or, in electronic media, digitized version of it (scan), indication of the email or physical address that you designate for notifications and a telephone number. Within a maximum period of twenty days from the date of receipt of your revocation request, we will give you an answer about the origin of the same, by means of an email addressed to you, sent to the email address you have indicated. in the application itself or by sending a letter to the physical address that you have indicated for such purposes (the twenty days will be considered fulfilled at the time of delivering the document to the postal service).

Data transfer, national and international

Your personal data may be transferred and processed within and outside the United States of America, by people other than this company. In this sense, your information may be shared with financial institutions, banks, airlines, hotels, cruise ships and other tourism service providers.

Modifications to this privacy notice

We reserve the right to make, at any time, modifications or updates to this privacy notice. The modifications that are made will be made available to the public through some or all of the following means: visible advertisements in our establishments, via our website, via email to the most recent address we have for you, through publications in national newspapers, magazines, posters and recordings.

Information on the Internet

We inform you that when you access our Internet Portal, information regarding your cookies (term defined below in the Definitions part) and web beacons (term defined below in the Definitions part) is received by us to obtain Information such as your browser type and operating system, the Internet pages you have recently visited, the links you have recently followed, the IP address of your computer, the site you closed before entering our Internet portal.

Sensitive personal data

We inform you that, in order to comply with the purposes detailed in this Privacy Notice, in the event that sensitive personal data is collected and processed, such as those that refer to kinship, sexual preference, religion, philosophical beliefs, physical condition, state of health, disability, photographs, and medical documents, among some others, will be treated in accordance with the Law.


It is understood for the purposes of this Privacy Notice the following: I.-Cookies.- They are the text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the hard disk of the user’s computer equipment when browsing a specific Internet page or portal, which allows the Internet server to store certain data, including preferred pages for viewing on the Internet, some keys, and passwords. II.- * Days. – By provision of Article 3 in Section VII of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, the terms and times stipulated in days will be counted in business days. III.- ARCO Rights.- They are the Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, enshrined in the Law that by its initials form said word. IV.-Law.-Make reference to the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on July 5, 2010. V.-Web beacons. -Images inserted in pages or Internet portals as well as in emails and that among others can store information about the user’s IP address, and interaction time on websites, among others.

Tacit consent, in terms of article eight of the Law

If you wish to express OPPOSITION to your personal data being treated in accordance with the provisions of this privacy notice, you must send your refusal in writing in English to the following address: at Av. del Parque 209 Regio Parque Industrial Apodaca, N.L., Mexico 66633 Email:

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