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At PIECSA USA, we provide our customers with the best solutions in machinery and equipment for steel transformation, from steel coil painting and cutting, pipe manufacturing, roll-forming, to NDT inspection equipment and finishing lines.

We manufacture consumables for steel pipe and tube manufacturing, offering our customers the following products: Induction Work Coils, Impeders, Coil Holders, Power Nose, inductors for solid-state welders, Deburring Brushes, Interior and Exterior Scarfing Inserts, and Seam Annealer maintenance.

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Provide technological and service solutions to the metal-mechanic industry, exceeding the expectations of our national and international clients.


To be an international, leading and successful company, considered as the best option that offers solutions and services, distinguishing ourselves from the competition for being socially responsible, competitive and reliable, generating value for our clients and collaborators.



The core principle that permeates all aspects of our lives is the importance of exhibiting kindness and consideration towards others, self-care, and an appreciation for the environment that surrounds us.

Integrity refers to the act of consistently maintaining honesty and respect, sticking to one’s values, and making ethical decisions even in the absence of scrutiny. It involves living up to one’s principles.

Is the capacity to take ownership of our actions and to act appropriately, accepting the outcome and consequences of what we do.

Dedicated to putting the client first, making them our top priority, anticipating their needs, and providing them with exceptional service.

Committed to focusing on the client, placing it as our priority, anticipating their needs and offering them a quality service.

A commitment to following through on one’s promises, regardless of changing circumstances, and fulfilling obligations to others. This involves remaining loyal to the organization, identifying with it, and conducting oneself with dedication and transparency in management.